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Art and Culture in St Petersburg
The Puschkinskaja is the largest autonomous cultural center of the city. The building encloses two inner courts with studios, the Café Fish Fabrique, the museum for Nonconformist Art, galleries and rehearsing rooms for music groups. Around 200 painters, musicians, actors, directors and performance artist live there.
A visit to one of those artists is a special experience. Aslangery and Bendych are two painters who would gladly offer you insight into their studio and their work in progress.
Vladimir Bendych
The Mariinskij theatre is the star at the sky of Russian opera and ballet. A ballet evening is always worthwhile itself. Ticket reservations can be made directly on the website of the theatre.
The Winter Palace, the Small Eremitage, the Old Eremitage and The New Eremitage together with the General Staff Building form together the State Hermitage Museum. It accommodates over 2,7 million works of art, of which only about 65,000 can be shown. The museum is divided into six departments. Those who have only little time, best concentrate on the collection of Western European art, in which the most famous representatives of European painting are shown as for example Leonardo da Vinci, Tizian, El Greco, Rubens, Rembrandt, Cézanne, Picasso or Matisse.
Here is a link to an overview over the large collection of museums in St Petersburg.